Last updated on April 6th, 2016

In my previous posts about planning I’ve already mentioned some tools that can be used for planning.

The tools I will cover won’t do all the planning for you. But they can help you along the way.

Here is an overview of tools I use mostly:

1. Trello

I use it mainly for my weekly planning but it can be used for many things. You can use it to create a roadmap to your endgoal, track progress on your tasks and so on.

Some people even use Trello for project management.

The upside of Trello is that it is flexible, the downside is that you have to create each board yourself before you can use it.

There is a way to start from an existing template. For instance, to get a weekly planning board, go to this template. Then click on ‘Menu‘, choose ‘…More‘ and then ‘Copy Board‘.


You can find more Trello templates at Inspiring Boards.

2. Things

I’ve been using Things for ages. It is a great todo manager for Mac and iOS.

Things has some more advanced capabilities, like grouping tasks in Lists and grouping lists in Areas of Interest. Another way to group tasks is by creating projects.

I also like its sleek design.

 What I miss in Things is an online editor. It would be great if you could just open Things in a web browser to organize your lists.


3. Freemind

I use Freemind for mind mapping. It’s free tool that runs on many platforms.

Mind mapping is a great way to document and bring structure to your train of thoughts.

I use it most often in the creative phase of a project and use the mind map later as a view of my original thoughts. As ideas grow and change over time, it can be very useful to go back to your original ideas to see if you didn’t get too side-tracked during the process.

 If you prefer a web tool there is Wisemapping and plenty of other mind mapping tools online.

4. Way Of Life

WayOfLife is an app for habit tracking. I’ve been trying it out for a while now.

It’s mostly focused on daily habits.

I have about 11 items now on my list, varying from ‘Writing for blog’ to ‘drink less than 4 coffees’.

Basically, you can create whatever item you want and each day you mark if you succeeded in doing it or not.

I find it especially useful for tracking daily habits, like avoiding to drink too much coffee or learning Spanish.

5. Evernote

One of my favourite tools. I use it for everything. Right now I’m writing a draft for this post in Evernote.

I use the webclipper to quickly copy interesting articles. Whenever I find something interesting on the Internet, I clip it into a notebook so I can come back to it later.

Evernote is also great for sharing notebooks with friends to organize vacations or exchange ideas.

Another way I use Evernote is by forwarding all incoming invoices by email to my Evernote email address to keep them all in a dedicated notebook.

My To Read list in my Books section is based on an Evernote notebook.

If you want to know more about Evernote, check the website or get the Essentials Guide.

6. Drafts

Drafts is an iOS app that I use for creating quick notes on my iPhone. Drafts has a lot of build in plugins to store your notes in different systems, such as Evernote, email, Reminders, Calendar and many more.

7. The 5 minute journal

I use 5 minute journal for daily journaling.

What is great about the 5 minute journal is that is not just a journal. It is structured in a way to help you focus on positive experiences.

The 5 minute journal offers inspiration, a moment of reflection, focus on your most important tasks and affirmations. And all on just a single page!

This journal helped my to be more positive in life. Even before my morning coffee!


 Also check out these other planners that are focused on goals.

8. Notebook

Sometimes the best tool is plain old pen and paper. I keep a Moleskin notebook in my jacket pocket just in case. When meeting someone, it feels less impersonal to write something down in a little notebook compared to typing it in your phone. And there are less distractions.

I use the Evernote version of Moleskin notebook allowing me to scan notes directly into evernote using my iPhone camera.

9. One Big Thing


This is a new app that I discovered recently.

The goal of this app is to focus on 1 important task each day.

Instead of working with a big to do list, trying to focus on one task each day might actually help you to get more things done and to feel less overwhelmed.

Off course, you are allowed to do more than one thing in a day. The app even lets you add some little things.

But the main goal of the day should be the big thing.

One Big Thing app


These are 9 tools I use daily. Do you have other favourites or did I miss any?

Let me know and leave a comment!