What is this post about?

This post might be obvious for many people, but I wanted to share how I was able to go from reading 1-2 books a year to reading 2 books a month.

You can also check my books section to see what I am currently reading.

Why I needed to read more

Reading books can really have a big impact on your life.

A feel that I’ve become so much more knowledgeable and inspired in the last few months than I was in the last few years together.

I read mostly non-fiction books, but it is not only the contents of the books that broadened my thinking.

The process of reading a book and following another person’s frame of thought triggers your own thinking and can make you come up with new ideas that weren’t even mentioned in the book.

I will spend more time on the books I’ve read in other posts, let me move forward to the process of improving your reading time.

How I tried reading more

The main problem of reading more books is finding the time to do it.

Everyone has a busy life and people are very good at making their lives busy, even if they have nothing to do. This certainly also applies to me.

My first attempt was to cut on TV time to replace it with book reading time. This is very good as a new year’s resolution, but as soon as a new Netflix show is released, this resolution goes down the drain for me.

My second attempt was to read 1 hour before going to bed.

The couch has the TV and Netflix shows, so to resist this temptation I tried reading in the bed. But now my problem was that once in the bed, I would read a few pages, maybe a chapter and started dosing away.

I did get some reading done this way, but far too little to make a big change.

How I succeeded

For a while, I was taking the train to go to work. This is perfect for reading. I got more reading done, up to 1 book a month, sometimes more.

But at some point, I had to switch to another location and taking the train was no longer an option. I was back to facing the traffic with the car, spending almost 2 hours a day driving and missing my reading time a lot.

That’s when I switched to using Audible

Audible has a huge collection of audio-books.
If you don’t know audiobooks, imagine someone reading a book aloud to you.

I just link my iPhone to the car speakers via Bluetooth, start up a new book and listen to it while I’m driving to work.
Even though listening to a book takes more time than reading the same book, I get much more reading done by using Audible.
Because it is my default setting, I’m always listening when driving the car, even in the weekends.

I also noticed that it is less tiring than reading an e-book on iPad, like I was doing on the train. On the train, I was often distracted by noises or changing passengers.
Often had to find back the line I was reading. And there was the temptation of switching to an iPad game when I wasn’t in the mood for reading.

In the car, I focus on driving and the audiobook keeps reading to me. I rarely stop or pause a book while driving, also because I don’t want to take my attention away from the road.
I just keep listening, even when the chapter is a bit boring, because the alternative is to switch to a boring radio station or listen to the silence.

This is how I was able to read at least 2 books a month.

Sometimes I am able to read more books in one month but this depends more on the size of the books.

I even noticed that at home, sometimes I switch on Audible to continue reading while cooking dinner or doing laundry.


To summarise, here is the best way to read more books in 2016.

  1. find unproductive time in your daily routine and inject reading time
  2. make changes if you don’t get the desired result
  3. try the best way for you to read, whether its classic paper books, e-books or audiobooks (or a combination)