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Tips for the coffee addict

I’ve talked a lot about productivity tricks, but what is productivity without coffee?

It is said that software developers are machines that convert coffee into code. But also in other sectors, not much is getting done before the first cup of Joe.

Here are a number of tips to feed your caffeine addiction.

How to make a perfect coffee

Making and serving the perfect cup of coffee is a science on itself. The masters of this science are sometimes called Baristas.

To learn everything there is to know about coffee, check out the The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee.

Whether you’re interested in roasting coffee beans, making drip coffee, handling an espresso machine or a French press, this book has it all and much more.

Or did you want to be able to make the perfect  Latte, Cappuccino, Flat white or Macchiato? All is covered in this book.

And there are also some special recipes, including Espresso Martini, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Coffee Liqueur and Butter Coffee.

Are you a negasonic teenage warhead that doesn’t read books? No worries! The internet got you covered.

Checkout The Barista’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Personalized coffee

Have you always looked for patterns in your coffee foam? Now you can put your own face in your coffee! Or my face if you don’t like your own.

The Ripple Maker is an extension for your espresso machine that allows you to print an image in your coffee foam!

coffee ripples

But you don’t even need to buy the machine. Using the Ripples App you can look for a coffee shop in your area that has a Ripple Maker and send them an image.

When you get there, you will find a freshly made cup of coffee with your image in the foam. How cool is that?

ripple maker app

And if you want to sip my face, you can find a picture of me somewhere on this website.

Maybe less cool but still cute is CoffeeSpec.  This site allows you to create an infographic for your office that shows everyone’s favourite style of coffee.


Coffee on the road

Do you often wander through the jungle with no coffee shop in sight? Or do you just loath the coffee machine at the office?

There are a number of high quality espresso makers that you can use on the road.

Wacaco MiniPresso

The MiniPresso lets you make an espresso anywhere you are, without the need of electric power or batteries. You do need a hand to press it, some water and coffee.


Handpresso Outdoor Complete French Press

If you like to travel in style or impress someone during a romantic pick-nick, try the Handpresso outdoor set which comes with 4 unbreakable cups in a nice casing.

UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine

The Nomad Espresso Machine is a tiny, portable espresso machine that promises a perfect crema. It uses a manual lever to ensure pressure without the need of batteries or electricity.

It doesn’t look as nice as the other 2 portable solutions, in fact it comes in 2 ugly colors, but people are ecstatic about the taste of the coffee.

Just chew it

Why drink coffee when you can chew it? Hydration is so overrated!

Check out Go Cubes chewable coffee. It’s a great solution for people who are allergic to water.

Smart Coffee

It was just a matter of time before someone marketed a smart coffee maker. The Nespresso Prodigio Smart Connected Coffee allows you to startup your coffee maker from your smartphone. You will still need to get up to grab your cup.

The smartness doesn’t stop there. The app monitors your stock so you can order more capsules before you run out and it also warns you when maintenance is due.


Your fix

These are just a few approaches to coffee. In fact you could say it’s only the tip of the iced-coffee berg.

Did you know you can sip on egg coffee in Hanoi? You should really check it out.

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  1. The Wacaco MiniPresso is a stunner! I’d love to own one someday!

    Officially added on my wishlist! 🙂

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