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Tony Robbins and the power of small changes

Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix called Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

In the documentary we follow Tony Robbins during his yearly “Date With Destiny” seminar.

What starts like a typical American infomercial for a likewise typical American feel-good seminar takes a twist when we witness how lives are changed and saved with just a few questions.

Like the title says, Tony Robbins is not the guru that tells you how to live your lives. But he is a master in psychology that is able to ask the right questions and make people find the answers themselves to improve their lives.

There are more than a few inspiring moments in the documentary.

One of the things that struck me is the wisdom of Tony Robbins when he states that whatever happened to us in the past, whatever damaged us or influenced us, we should not suppress these things or blame them. Instead, we use them to give us strength and motivation. Tony’s own history and other testimonials in the documentary proof how this can give you strength and energy instead of letting it get you down.

The second part that I keep from this documentary is that it actually not so hard to give new meaning and energy to your life. This is all very relative off course, but what I mean is that once you know what to do or change, you will find the energy inside you. Change can come overnight.

I hope many people will see this documentary and find inspiration from it.

Fascinated by this man Tony Robbins, I also started reading his book: Awaken the Giant.

As always you can find more about this book and my views on it in the books section.

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