Hello and welcome to my first blog post!

Since I find it a bit weird to start up my first post without having an introduction, I decided to write this welcome page first.

You can find (a little bit) more about me in the About section, so I won’t dwell further on that.

It’s been a while since I have done some public writing but I hope by maintaining this blog that my writing skills will improve. And I hope I won’t make to much spelling errors as English is not my native language…

My goal is to post something new and hopefully interesting at least once a week and I will focus on a limited set of topics. Basically anything related to self-improvement or life-hacking as I prefer to call it.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration is still the 4 hour work week. I’ll just go ahead and mention it here because if you are familiar with Tim Ferriss, his books and his podcast then you will see a lot of his topics coming back on this blog.

One of my weak points is graphic design. I will try hard to make this blog look good, use graphics where possible but it will be a big challenge for me since I’m only really good at abstract art (you should see my paintings to understand).

Ok, I think I have covered enough for a first introductory post. I hope you’ll be back soon to read my other writings.

Take care!