You know

When you read the title of this post you already know the answer.

If you are skeptical and looking for reasons why I’m wrong, there is a big chance you don’t want to quit your job.

The answer is simple. If you don’t want it then don’t do it.

Reason to quit their job

But most readers clicked on this post, looking for a reason to quit their job.

In most cases, however you are feeling, the reason is that the job doesn’t let you use your full potential.

It could be that you feel bored because the job is not challenging anymore. It could be that you feel frustrated because you don’t feel appreciated. Or it could be that you were hoping for a promotion that you didn’t get.

In all of these cases, the reason is that you need to grow and your current job doesn’t let you.

So just quit and look for a better opportunity!

Here is the reason why.

Companies and organisations are always looking for talented people. They need people that can give the organisation a boost. And they need people that have growth potential.

But often these companies forget to nourish your growth. And at some point they feel that you have reached your potential and are happy with a status quo.

The reality is that everyone has potential to grow at any time of their career.

After you have worked for an employer for a while you may have reached this status quo. But you are also a bigger talent than you were when you started.

Now you are not the same person compared to when you just started the job. Your profile has changed over time by growing in your job. This means that you are now a target for other companies and organisations.

For these companies you a new talent that has a potential to grow. And in the beginning they will nourish your growth until you reach the point when they are happy with a status quo.

And when you reach that status quo you should quit your job again.

Choose a different path

At some point you might not be interested in another employer. When you are ready to become your own boss, just go for it. When you feel ready, you are ready. Don’t let anyone stop you.